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Karim Allouche

CEO & Founder

Karim always has his finger on the pulse and lives the SVAX motto. Thus, he convinces others of our ideas and constantly expands our international network.

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Amina Allouche

Communication & Relations UAE and Scandinavia

Her love for science and logical thinking helps her to promote SVAX’s mission and to make sure that the message to the community aligns with the values of our company.

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Joel Issar

Communication & Relations India

Our health and happiness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be. I have always believed that true enjoyment comes from the activity of the mind and the movement of the body. The two are always united. For me, that’s SVAX.

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Katharina Ditte

Communication & Relations Switzerland

They say that travel broadens the mind through connection with others. In order to take our health to the next level, a wide-ranging knowledge is needed. Our cosmopolitan team member Katharina creates a valuable contribution to sustainable development of our well-being in cooperation with our SVAX partners.

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Karsten Streng

Communication & Relations Germany

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Ferdinand Kaufmann

Communication & Relations Austria

Our goal is to convince people to connect and provide guidance to those who care about a healthy and happy lifestyle. I’ve been associated with awareness for activity and health since my earliest youth, first as a Ski racer, later as a sports manager.

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Ivan Barrera

Communication & Relations Spain

“It’s time to move, to share and to inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves.”
Iván Barrera, 15 years experience of coaching people.

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Thomas Breuss

Software Development

Thomas is a passionate programmer and always looking for new ideas. Personal conversation is particularly important to him.

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Melanie Amann

Visuals & Screen Design

As a young designer, she is up close and personal with the latest trends, can empathize with our target groups particularly well and can also implement these perks in screen design.

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