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Thomas Breuss

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Thomas is a passionate programmer and always looking for new ideas. Personal conversation is particularly important to him.

+43 5577 860 44
[email protected]

Karim Allouche

Co-Founder & Marketing

Karim always has his finger on the pulse and lives the SVAX motto. Thus, he convinces others of our ideas and constantly expands our international network.

[email protected]

Melanie Amann

Visuals & Screen Design

As a young designer, she is up close and personal with the latest trends, can empathize with our target groups particularly well and can also implement these perks in screen design.

[email protected]

Ruben Kuhlmann

Product Owner

Ruben ensures that the team is always working on the most valuable aspects of the software and the algorithm. By prioritizing the tasks, he keeps our development team on track.

[email protected]

Hüseyin Öner

Software Developer

Hüseyin has years of experience in web development. He is very inquisitive and also volunteers for projects developing software solutions in his private life.

[email protected]