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SVAX – our SuperApp for a healthy lifestyle

Live healthier, keep moving – with people like you and me

Our goal is to take social responsibility for each other and counteract the consequences of digitalization by getting people moving.

With SVAX we motivate and inspire each other, create more awareness for our health, share our knowledge, the best movement ideas and recipes with each other. In this way, we can develop a healthier lifestyle together and, at the same time, a better attitude to life in the long term.

SVAX for the state of Vorarlberg

The state of Vorarlberg has chosen SVAX for the “werde Bewegungsheld:in” campaign.

The past years have clearly shown us that there is no topic more important than health. The demands for a healthy life are more complex today than ever before. This concerns the areas of nutrition, exercise, well-being and mindfulness.

“When you take time to talk to people about their lives, challenges and aspirations, think about what you can do for them and then act, that to me is SVAX – Social Value And X-change. Not only does it create special relationships, it’s often inspiration for new things.”


“Software innovations, like almost every type of innovation, require the ability to work together with other people and swap ideas, to sit down and talk to them, listen to their feedback, and understand their needs.”